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Lynn Baber

College Theatre Audition Consultant and Acting Coach for Teens and Young Adults


A former student and colleague recently called me a professional life changer - that is exactly what I am. I harness the energy of aspiring actors and empower their natural talents to help them shine their brightest. That is my strong suit. And I do this because I believe that young actors are the future American theatre. Their success is my passion, and I suspect it is yours too.

The college theatre audition process can be overwhelming for parents and students. Highschool counselors often have limited knowledge when dealing with theatre admissions. That’s where I come in! With my extensive theatrical and casting background, I make the work manageable and can give students the edge to stand out from the crowd.

Each session is tailored to meet the needs of each student and can include:

  • Recommendations for best-fit college programs

  • Preparation for acting or musical theatre admissions

  • Headshot, resume, and cover letter consultation

  • Tailored audition book with unique, best-fit monologues and/or songs

  • Acting tips

  • Audition/Interview technique

Every student deserves an advocate, let’s work together.

Contact me today for a FREE consultation!


I joke that Lynn Baber saved my life.  And it's funny because in many respects she did. Her guidance and teaching turned my life around and inspired my love for theater. If I hadn't met her I'm not sure I would love acting let alone still be doing it.

Lucas Hedges

Credits include Manchester By the Sea (Oscar Nominee), Ben is BackBoy ErasedLady BirdThree Billboards..., and Broadway's Waverly Gallery.

Lynn's coaching grounded me before my audition and helped me crystalize what I really wanted to do with my piece in the audition room.



You would think that after getting a kid into film school, and an athlete into a BS in Engineering I would have been an expert on the college process but nothing prepared me for the insane stress and competitiveness of getting my actor kid into a BFA program. When you are potentially spending (or borrowing) the cost of a condo on an education, having in depth expertise and the ability to ask really important questions from an expert is essential, and a really wise investment. Lynn is the only expert on this I know of, and I work in the field! Lynn is also straightforward with your child giving them information they may not want to, or be able to, hear from a parent. It saved time, money and heartache to have Lynn on our team.

Angela Allyn


Students who have worked with me recently have attended Boston Conservatory, Syracuse University, University of Miami, Muhlenberg College, Illinois Wesleyan University, University of Arizona, UC-San Diego, Northwestern University, Loyola University-Chicago, Carnegie Mellon University, Shenandoah University, NYU-Tisch, Ryder University. 

About Me

I've worn a lot of hats in theatre all my life: 

  • 36 summers with the National High School Institute at Northwestern University (known as the Cherub Program; directing, teaching and coaching high school and college actors

  • 20 years as a Casting Director in Chicago

  • Over 40 years as a professional actor in theatre, commercial, film, and television

  • I created and led a successful and critically acclaimed storefront theatre in the ‘80s

  • 35 years devoted to encouraging, teaching, hiring, working with, and advocating for theatre artists.

LynnB (77 of 111).jpg

I served as Casting Director for the Chicago production of Be More Chill. This project was a referral from my dear colleague and friend, Amber Mak. I hired her from 2002 to 2016 to teach at the Musical Theatre Cherub Program.  This project was cancelled due to the pandemic.

College & Summer Program Consulting, and Audition Preparation for Theatre Majors

If you're pursuing a BFA in acting or musical theatre, you need a different kind of application prep than what can be found in the high school guidance counselor's office. Conservatories are asking for a lot: monologues, songs, pre-screen videos, a vibrant application, and on top of that, they're asking for the most authentic version of you when you're in the room. I can help you feel prepared and confident on audition day. The information your high school guidance counselor can give you is not going to be enough.


I can help guide you through the process of putting a list of potential schools together, and all the intricacies of preparing for the auditions for those schools. I have 35+ years of experience in working with actors and young theatre professionals-in-training; and I want to help you and your family make the best choices to get you where you want to go. I can provide you with the requisite logistic planning and keen artistic eye and insider information on almost any college or university in the country. I have a vast network of former students and colleagues we can contact to help with finding specific answers to your questions about specific schools. 

Parents typically know to get SAT tutoring for their children, and they pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for it. Parents of theatre kids often don’t know that they need a parallel, but completely different kind of help, and they sure don’t know where to go to get it. I created this consulting and counseling service to answer that need.

First, I find out what you are looking for in a college experience. Ideally, this is a conversation with the high school junior or senior and one or both parents.

  • We'll start with a discussion of what you're looking for in a college experience and an assessment of where you are in the process.

  • I will help you create and define that college list, combining my ideas and recommendations for universities and colleges that might be a good match for you with the ones you want to pursue. 

  • Then, I will help you select the monologues and songs you will need for your auditions - if you are applying to colleges that require auditions. Together we’ll find monologues (and songs if you are auditioning for musical theatre programs) that will serve you well, and suit your needs, type, and range. Not only can I help with finding monologues, I can steer you away from monologues that are overdone, hackneyed, dated, or poor choices. I’m told by young people who have recently gone through this process that picking monologues is the most difficult part of applying to colleges. My ability to find you a monologue that you love and that will be unique at your auditions is my most special trick. This is my secret sauce.  

  • We will make a plan to know which schools you'll have to audition in-person, or if you’ll be doing all of your auditions at one of the Unified Auditions.

  • In order to do this whole consulting process, we really need to start working together by summer or early fall. But for monologue coaching, any time is the right time. We can work right up to your audition day. 

  • I can tailor the service to fit your needs​. Tell me what you need to accomplish, and we'll figure out how I can help you do it. I can travel or I can work with you on Zoom, Facetime, etc. 

  • I also offer monologue coaching for college students! (That's been my primary work recently.) 

Contact me today for rates.

Here’s what I want you to remember as you embark on this intense journey:

You Can Do This.

  Lynn Baber


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